Bringing the journey to you


Bringing the Journey to You!

We are excited to invite you on a unique trip to experience the world of stone first hand with Pacific Shore Stones: bringing the journey to you.

During your trip, you will have the opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes at stone quarries and factories. We’ll also take you to shop at and negotiate with the same factories we purchase from.

Bringing the journey to you

Hotel Accommodations

During the selected dates, hotel accommodations will be provided complimentary by Pacific Shore Stones.

Sheraton Vitoria

Av. Saturnino de Brito, 217
Santa Helena Vitória
ES, 29055-180

Phone: +55 27 2125-8000

2019 Trip Schedule

January, 13 - 19th

February, 3 - 9th

March, 17 - 23rd

April, 7 - 13th

May, 19 - 25th

June, 2 - 8th

July, 21 - 27th

August, 18 - 24th

September, 8 - 14th

October, 20 - 26th

November, 3 - 9th

December, 8 - 14th

Trip duration can be adjusted to suit your purchasing preferences. For 2 containers, allow 4 days. For larger amounts, allow 5-7 days. Please contact Kissila Martins for details or to arrange trips outside dates shown above.

Bringing the journey to you

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Welcome Dinner

Day 2

Company Visits in Vitoria
2 Major Distributors*

Day 3

Travel to Barra de Sao Francisco
Company Visits to 2 Major Distributors*

Day 4

Company Visits to 2 Major Distributors*

Day 5

Company Visits to 2 Major Distributors*
Return to Vitoria
Leisure Activities

Day 6

Leisure Day

Day 7


Specific times will be indicated on final itinerary.
*Visit to distributors may vary due to client purchase necessity.

Benefits for You

Both you and our inspector in Brazil will personally inspect the material you hand-select during the trip, giving you complete peace of mind.

No hassle – we unload the containers at our distribution centers for you and deliver them directly to your door using our 18 wheelers. *

Don’t want all of your material at once? We’ll store it free of charge at our Distribution Centers for up to 3 months after arrival. *

Brazilian-American company owners - we have unrivaled local knowledge.

As the old adage says... go with the locals!

No need to purchase full containers from single suppliers. Since we purchase regularly from them, you have the flexibility of choosing as many bundles as you like from each factory!

*Applicable for customers with delivery locations feasible to transport from San Antonio or Charleston. In order to assure this is applicable for you, please request confirmation from Kevin Gregg (901) 351-5347.

Bringing the journey to you
Bringing the journey to you

Program Details

Entertainment - Included in the trip is dinner nightly, with after dinner cocktails on nights to be determined at a later date. Beyond that customers have the evenings free to pursue their choice of entertainment at their own discretion and cost.

Accommodation, meals and transportation in Brazil are included. We will be staying primarily at the beautiful Sheraton Hotel in Vitoria, ocean view, and traveling to the north or south of the state to select material at suppliers in those areas. Clients are responsible for their airfare to get from the U.S. to the city of Vitoria in Brazil.

Example Material Prices

Price structure formula: [(FOB price Brazil x 1.18) + Freight door to door] + sales tax, if applicable.

FOB Price: Given by the suppliers, material cost

18%: Our service fee

Freight: Includes ocean freight + trucking freight, the latter to be deter- mined in accordance to your location

Sales tax: If applicable in your area

Please note, this calculation is based on containers going straight to you. If the container has to go to our location first (for example if you can’t unload), an additional 40 cents per sq ft fee will be added.

90 day payment terms on each container (terms start when container leaves Brazil) with 10% deposit prior to containers leaving Brazil. No cancellation after it is shipped.

Minimum purchase requirement is 16 bundles (or 2 containers) per participant per trip.


NVG example for fabricator based in Houston, TX:
$3 FOB Brazil + our 18% = $3.54 + $1.3 freight = $4.84/sqft

NVG example for fabricator based in Baton Rouge, LA:
$3 FOB Brazil + our 18% = $3.54 + $1.80 freight = $5.34/sqft

NVG example for fabricator based in Nashville, TN:
$3 FOB Brazil + our 18% = $3.54 + $2.00 freight = $5.54/sqft

NVG example for fabricator based in Seattle, WA:
$3 FOB Brazil + our 18% = $3.54 + $2.25 freight = $5.79/sqft

After you return from Brazil, our Purchasing team works with the suppliers to assure accuracy before shipping. Material should be expected to arrive to you within approximately 60 days from the initial invoice.

**Customer’s participation in program is subject to credit insurance pre approval, which includes the completion of our standard credit application and potentially extra information (if requested by insurance company). If opposed to submit additional information requested by our insurance company, Pacific Shore Stones reserves the right to add extra $0.10/sqft to material cost in order to cover added insurance.

Bringing the journey to you

We look forward to taking you on this journey with us!

For Brazilian Visa requirements and further information regarding trip details, contact Kevin Gregg at:
kgregg@pacificshorestones.com or +1 (901) 351-5347

For further details about the program, contact Kissila Martins at:
kissila@pacificshorestones.com or +55 27 99996-7270.
Skype: kissila_martins

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Pacific Shore Stones is a exotic natural stone distributor of quartz and premium surfaces.

We distribute the highest quality, hand selected stone through multiple company-owned distribution centers across the U.S. from coast to coast. Each center has a large inventory with a selection of various colors and finishes, plus dedicated staff to assist you with your choices, supporting fabricators, consumers, architects, builders and interior designers in selecting slabs for their projects.

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